Monday, March 12, 2018

How to confront hate in social media?

Though i have quit facebook seems it has never left me totally. I get screen shots, then some links to the posts. Somehow i stumbled upon a 2015 year post which called names on me for a write up on the Roy Moxham's Karaikudi visit. I recorded what he told, and whether he was right or wrong i was not sure and recorded them with doubt. I was shocked to read the post, it claimed me as a Nair, called me as an secret agent (of what). Of course Jeyamohan had his course of slander in the post. The absurdity was so striking i took it lightly at the onset, but it did not fade away that easily. It lingered for a long moment, so long that i am making the post. 

So what would you do when you are confronted with hate in the social media or virtual world? 
Either become a man of tao, live with it sail over it, give back and move away. If you want attention and enjoyed the popularity then be ready for getting branded and defamed. This is part and parcel of social media life. Never mind them. Take them also in the right spirit of attention. Social media bigwigs develop this numbness as they grew in stature. It is not easy to pin them down. They are masters at bullying. They comeback at you pouncing with vengeance and vigor. They have an inflated super ego, that guards them from casual injury. They become opinion makers. They are their in the soc media round the clock, commenting on every other issue.

This is a brave social life but a vain one too. Our thinking become conditioned, sometimes when you are not moved by an incident and did not want to react you do not have that freedom. You are forced to maintain your stature and gradually this takes toll on the sensitivity. We have inherent biases. Our true selves, we react selectively, whether we acknowledge it or not, not all news affects us. Social media becomes a grand stage for theatrics. Whether you believe it or not, whether you are moved or not does not matter. Hence we start faking righteousness and justice to satisfy something transient, in the way losing our true self and identity. I have succumbed to them couple of times myself. Gradually our virtual selves become bigger than our true selves and we start believing the virtual self as the real one too. 

The other way is to become a saint, just become a spectator, do not indulge in anything. Just like whatever you see, wish good morning to whoever you come across, No one expects you to react. Can live happily ever after. The stark indifference is again a buffer to guard us from affecting. The former have a moral highness though a hypocritical one, in this case we have nothing else left other than the inert selfishness. We end up hypersensitive to even trivial criticisms and end up losing mental peace which we maintained desperately. I had tried this mode too. A grand failure. 

Here I am, out of facebook, this is the plausible method i found working. This space allows me to be selectively reactive instead of inertness, without the urge of proving anything to anyone. 

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