Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Life without facebook

I am intending to use this space as a bi lingual try out. Just to stay in touch with the language. Henceforth there will be occasional posts in English too.

So, there exists life without facebook. Its been two days since i deactivated facebook. Too early to boast, I understand. But life looks peaceful and lovely. You need not see blood bath, need not read hypocritical blabbering, importantly the negativity and hatred that one feels around, with adrenaline gushing over your veins. The biggest thing is you will be saved from observing the fall of icons and people whom you respected for their intellectual augur. Enough of disillusionment.  You can still respect them. Thank God.The internal rage has disappeared. When you come across some stupid and fundamentally flawed idea, there will be an internal urge to engage in discourse with him. Try to explain him. But what a vain! No one moves an inch in social media. You cannot convince anyone in a debate. OK in that case why is our mind resting in peace and move away. It is strange. while you refrain from debating there will be internal debate. What i miss? Yes some friends who are acquaintances in social media. I miss them. But yes will learn to live. I also miss the occasionally brilliant and creative memes in the flood of insensitive and stupid ones.

My mobile time has come down drastically, which has increased my reading time.Also i feel more attentive to Manasa and Sudhir. Life is Good.  

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  1. It is difficult to refrain from social media. But surely there are more benefit. Wish you to stay away as long as possible