Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Chernobyl - Glimpse of apocalypse

Just completed watching the mini series Chernobyl which was aired last month in HBO. Watched the 5 episode series in Hot star. One word that came up in my mind after watching the series- haunting. Be it the music, the color and tone of visuals, the pace of narration. Everything gets darker and grim. What is the difference between art and propaganda? there is a human factor, a dilemma, a moral torment.
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It is about confronting truth. In the post truth era, where we spin our lies and construct a make belief truth. But there is a cost to it, How long can we evade from the blatant truth? at some point we need to confront it. But then we might pay a heavy cost as we procrastinate. Chernobyl poses a severe moral pressure. On one end it portrays blatant selfish power games of a super power. On the other end it shows the unrewarded sacrifice of its martyrs, who laid their life to save millions others. The scene showing miners is a classic example. The soldiers who become bio robots to remove the graphite pieces inspite of heavy radiation are another ones. The sequence involving hunt of pet animals across chernobyl is another moving portion. The world is so homocentric. Remembered a portion from yu ming yi's novel 'The stolen bicycle' where on the eve of second world war bombing the zoo keeper had to kill the animals he guarded and fed. 

One cannot expect any accountability from Government of any form in the event of great hazard. As such the Government under the banner of looking for greater good eventually try to nullify the moral questions. Now they are going to dump the nuclear wastes at our own bak yard at koodankulam. I love my nation and these are my people and hence my protest comes out of the immense love of the nation. Who will be accountable in case of a disaster? and whom can we trust? will there be anyone left here who could be held accountable? With so much of corruption and incompetence around us what to believe and what not to believe. The bare fact is at some point there should be a bar at consumption. Instead of imposing it on the lesser developed, it should be an active sacrifice from the top end. I know it is utopic and unreasonable.Well that is the way of Gandhi. 

My sincere wishes for the crew. 

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